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What is Smart Healthcare? | Dr. Christopher Zed

Technology has become a vital part of people’s lives, influencing areas such as employment and healthcare. Over the years, stakeholders in the healthcare system have experimented with different technologies, recognizing the benefits of leveraging tech in providing quality healthcare services, referred to as smart healthcare. Smart Healthcare is defined as a health service system thatContinue reading “What is Smart Healthcare? | Dr. Christopher Zed”

Technology’s Role in Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring (RPM, also known as telemedicine, telehealth, remote medicine, or tele-expertise) uses digital technology to improve the quality of care, reduce costs, and make healthcare more accessible. This type of medical care utilizes mobile apps, computer software, digital devices, and video conferencing to provide immediate treatment and care to patients who may beContinue reading “Technology’s Role in Remote Patient Monitoring”

The Effects of Collagen on Your Teeth | Dr. Christopher Zed

Collagen is a material found naturally in the body and aids in holding tissues together. One of the most critical tissues held together by collagen is teeth. A healthy body produces enough collagen for all of its needs. Still, smoking, poor dental hygiene, or chronic medical conditions can affect this production and lead to gumContinue reading “The Effects of Collagen on Your Teeth | Dr. Christopher Zed”

AI the Ability to Express Depression | Dr. Christopher Zed

In a study published in the journal Nature, scientists revealed that they had observed signs of depression and addiction in advanced artificial intelligence (A.I.) systems. The research team of experts from Oxford University, Kings College London, and Vanderbilt University says that the A.I.s they studied showed “symptoms” of these conditions after being left alone forContinue reading “AI the Ability to Express Depression | Dr. Christopher Zed”

Dr. Christopher Zed on Prescription Delivery Services

These days, modern medicine and technology have made all of our lives better. There’s no doubt that convenience and accessibility have played significant roles in the way new services are designed. Many people have had to deal with health issues beyond just providing good old-fashioned medical care. This is where ease and accessibility come intoContinue reading “Dr. Christopher Zed on Prescription Delivery Services”


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